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Law Guru is a leading law coaching institution in Pune established in 2010 by Adv. Gajanan Choudhary. We remain steadfast to what is our commitment of making an institution that sets higher standards of eminence among legal professionals through distinguished educators. Our educators are passionate about contributing to the legal community of India by helping create forward-looking lawyers out of our students. We hold the enrichment of legal education as a goal before us so we are able to provide law students with the best of education, training and knowledge. सं श्रुतेन गमेमहि। is held by us as our motto. Taken from the Atharva Veda, it signifies our endeavour and hope that the path of our progress be led by means of knowledge. We work to bridge the gap between legal education and the practising world by imparting practical legal knowledge. We believe more in innovation that benefits students rather than abidance to conventional education techniques to ensure we help create an all-round developed, responsible law student community that is able to contribute through a humane approach, to the larger legal fraternity, the country, and ultimately, humanity. In a short span of time, Law Guru has successfully made its presence felt among the law students of Pune and has established a legacy of quality education dispensation carried by every student of Law Guru. Presently, we are primarily based in Pune where we have our main branch at Karve Road. We have a branch in Pune Camp. We plan to expand to every district of state of Maharashtra in the near future.


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Chinmay Pandit

"Law Guru is an ideal coaching institute for LAW. The material provided by them is really comprehensive and the number and kind of mocks is really worth. It leads to good practice and consequently the real exam seems just another mock.The faculty is helpful.I recommend this coaching to anyone who is preparing for LAW EXAM."

Namita Rathod

"Good teaching is a mixture of art and science the ability to grab and keep students attention and convey complex information. A few jokes, props or stories don't hurt. Gajanan Sir of Law Guru has the ability to do all of it. He encourages students to learn how to think critically instead of simply soaking up a lot of information. As it is rightly said "law should be learned from the law gurus" I recommend everyone to join only Law Guru classes without any hesitations!"

Apoorva Mande

I was drawn to Law Guru because of the atmosphere characterized by sincerity towards promotion of quality education that helps groom law students. It helps them to confidently approach the path of their development in the legal field. I am proud of how Law Guru has dedicatedly helped carve a knowledgeable student out of me.

Komal Kachare

Law Guru is known for the values it stands for as an institution built with integrity, dedication and passion for the legal educational sphere. As a student, it has helped me grow, instilling in me these very values and boosting knowledge so important for my career as a lawyer. Apart from the conventional classroom teaching, Law Guru has made efforts going beyond it to ensure practical knowledge and experience is gained by the students. I specifically recall learning experiences of Law Guru’s National Level Open Moot Court Competition.

Aashay Rabade

Law Guru has an established presence on all digital platforms. I came across Law Guru through social media. The efforts made here to reach out to students and help them learn in a simplistic manner made an impact on me. I was thus attracted to this institution as a young student looking to enter the field of law. Here was also where I have learnt and inculcated the etiquettes required in the legal profession.

Karishma Sukhija

All my concepts of law get clearer with the real life examples given by Gajanan sir in his classes. I have always received help from the institute, which I really feel, is a quality of going out of the way to help someone. Law Guru has helped me to develop a good insight in law that has created a genuine interest for me in the legal field. The best learning experience for me was Law Guru’s visit to the Supreme Court of India of which I was a part

Harshit Kothari

Law Guru provides you the best guidance ranging from entrance exams for law and law courses. I ultimately chose to go for Law Guru after hunting for a good coaching centre for these. I would always recommend anyone who wants to have fun with learning to join Law Guru.


Lavina Sukhija

I wanted a premium coaching class for my ward. Law Guru has met all the expectations a parent would have from a coaching institute. It has helped the way to a successful career for my ward. To any parent who comes asking, I would recommend Law Guru in the field of law.

Sanjay Jain

Law Guru and its educators have always been dedicated towards every student and have made sure to give their best in legal education and knowledge dispensation. This dedication has helped my ward to make sincere efforts in her education.

Rajesh Karadiya

In Law Guru Institute, we could get good guidance regarding our child’s carrier. All our doubts and concerns were readily addressed. The friendly and receptive atmosphere in the class appealed to my child.


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